LED Downlights have a higher illumination capacity and are energy efficient in nature. They are manufactured to spread the light to a wider angle hence it reaches far distant places and can illuminate larger spaces. High Quality LED downlights are known for their fine finish and appealing design.

  • One Luminaire, Three Options : (White, Natural White, Warm White)
  • Illuminates a large area with an even pattern and no shadows.
  • Perfect product with modern design and fine finish that is easy to install.
  • It’s “Fit & Forget” property means long service life with its optimal heat management technology.
Model NoColor TemperatureDimension
PEPL-204-10w-RWht / N-Wht /W-Wht65mm x (H) 85mm Cut-out:60mm
PEPL-208-5w-RWht / N-Wht /W-Wht60mm x (H) 45mm Cut-out:50mm
PEPL-208-5w-SWht / N-Wht /W-Wht60mm x 60 mm x (H) 45mm Cut-out:50mm
PEPL-207-12w-RWht / N-Wht /W-Wht85mm x (H) 57mm Cut-out:75mm
PEPL-207-15w-RWht / N-Wht /W-Wht97mm x (H) 71mm Cut-out:85mm
PEPL-207-25w-RWht / N-Wht /W-Wht130mm x (H) 88mm Cut-out:115mm
PEPL-207-35w-RWht / N-Wht /W-Wht158mm x (H) 95mm Cut-out:140mm
PEPL-85-20wWht / N-Wht /W-Wht152mm x (H) 80mm Cut-out:142mm
PEPL-85-25wWht / N-Wht /W-Wht152mm x (H) 80mm Cut-out:142mm
PEPL-85-30wWht / N-Wht /W-Wht186mm x (H) 80mm Cut-out:175mm
PEPL-85-35wWht / N-Wht /W-Wht186mm x (H) 80mm Cut-out:175mm
PEPL-219-A-9wWht / N-Wht /W-Wht69mm x (H) 75mm Cut-out:55mm
PEPL-219-B-9wWht / N-Wht /W-Wht69mm x (H) 75mm Cut-out:55mm
PEPL-220-9wWht / N-Wht /W-Wht62mm x (H) 60mm Cut-out:55mm
PEPL-220-15wWht / N-Wht /W-Wht80mm x (H) 90mmCut-out:65mm